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glassy skin cosmetics
glassy skin cosmetics
The Hanskin cosmetic brand rewards your skin
with a clear, gorgeously shimmering complexion, as smooth as glass.
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Glassy Skin Complete with Enhanced Inner Skin, Texture, Tone & Radiance !
Hanskin’s priority of ideally drawing up the base of the skin can be broken down into four key points: moisturized and firmed inner skin, smooth and dense texture, brightened and clear tone, and finally, translucent and glimmering radiance. These four points are the essence of “glassy skin,” a symbol of Korean women’s beautiful skin at the heart of K-beauty.
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glassy skin cosmetics hanskin moistturized and firmed inner skin, smooth and dense texture, brightened and clear tone translucent and alimmeruna radiance
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Skincare & Makeup
for Glassy Skin
Hanskin’s skin care program is focused on creating beautiful, glassy skin without the use of makeup. The makeup line, proposed by Hanskin, helps maintain a glassy skin complexion over the course of the day without the need for touch-ups and leaves you feeling confident even after makeup removal.
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A Base 15 Years in the Making amid Continual Innovation
As a brand that encompasses both the myth of BB cream and its history, Hanskin takes pride in having exercised its influence in letting the entire global community in on the secret behind the beauty and healthy complexion of Korean women, in step with the K-beauty wave sweeping the globe.
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Innovation continues.
Looking ahead, Hanskin aims to ceaselessly conduct the proper research while striving to deliver even more innovative and ideal product lines.